Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Sound Connection

Our flagship program the Sunshine Orchestra, imparts professional music education in an orchestral setting to the underprivileged children and we have successfully trained over 150 students enrolled in the program, since its inception in the year 2008.

Every year we at the foundation in association with the KM Music Conservatory, aim to create an active global forum for these kids, by hosting numerous workshops and masterclasses from teachers and orchestras around the world. 

This year, we hosted the Australian World Orchestra, as a part of the masterclasses these children receive. These workshops paved the way to encourage creativity and boost the confidence of the children to play and learn from a world renowned orchestra. Indeed a sound connection !

As a part of the professional development of the sunshine Orchestra; the students were trained by Patricia Pollett and Bindi McFarlane. They helped students with different techniques of playing & helped them to establish a consolidated practice routine. They also got a chance to witness the rehearsal and practice sessions with Alexander Brigger. 

We are most humbled, as these workshops provided a great deal of expert knowledge to our students and we are keen to further develop the relationship between The Sunshine Orchestra and the Australian World Orchestra. 

We would also like to thank the AWO for their thoughtfulness and kind generosity towards donating instruments for our children, these are the gifts that are most cherished and put to best use by the children.

If you would like to support the course and our students, please check out our website for making your contribution.

- Vidhi G Bhanushali
Manager - Sponsorship & Grant

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