Saturday, January 7, 2017

'Music' is the 'Answer'

While celebrating our founders birthday, I would like to take you on the journey of  how our flagship program came into being and the ideology that fuels the functioning of  The A R Rahman Foundation.

Two years after the inception of the foundation; on a brightly lit day, staring at a slum from the window of his house; our founder had a mind stirring question; 'How can I help the society and uplift these lives?'

The answer was simple and magnificent all at the same time; "Music" .
Yes, music is the answer and that's how our flagship program " The Sunshine Orchestra" was established in the year 2008. For the first batch after its inception, only 14 select students, from less privileged backgrounds were initially adopted from the MGR Corporation School in Kodambakkam.

And so began the journey of the Sunshine Orchestra; a ray of hope and light in the lives of many unseen children, yet to be enrolled in the coming future.
Who knew back then that a program that started with 14 students was destined to grow beyond leaps & bounds...

There is always an incredible thought that helps any organisation grow, blossom and stay focused on its vision, while it is en-route to expansion; and what makes our work so special at the foundation is the inspiration from Dr. Rahman. On this note, let me share a quote from our founder;

"Try to live a life such that; at the thought of you, someone wants to live better" - ARR
Our founder truly believes that enriching people's lives has to be a constant ongoing process. And this is what my dear friends is the vision and ideology our foundation functions on.

In the coming years, what we are yet to witness at the foundation is something incredible. And underneath the growth of the first generation budding musicians; lies the success of the Sunshine Orchestra.

To witness our musical journey of hope and change, I urge you to spare a moment and have a look at our website to discover more about the works of the A R Rahman Foundation & the Sunshine Orchestra .

- Vidhi G Bhanushali
Manager - Sponsorship & Grant.

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