Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stay Classy; Stay Brassy!!!

There is a famous saying ‘Boys play the Trombone; Girls play the flute’; and to challenge the norms of traditional symphony set up, our director of brass ensemble Ms. Lisa Sarasini, has in every way promoted the thought of gender equality through music.

She trains these students, under an environment, that integrates the processes of children and youth with the community. To know more about what motivates her to teach these children do check out this video.

To celebrate the vision of our founder and trustee Dr A R Rahman, this year on his birthday our newest wing,
The Sunshine Orchestra Brass Ensemble, has been launched.

Ms Lisa, is an English trombonist, and has performed with many professional orchestras, brass bands, and other chamber music groups throughout her career, and since 2016 is the appointed brass faculty at KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, India.

Her aim is to educate and inspire the first generation of professional brass players in India. A cause for which she is completely committed to. 

Children enrolled in the Sunshine Orchestra programs learn to play music in an ensemble-based setting and their training includes instruction on an instrument, basic musicianship, and improvisation. Eventually, resulting in the unique opportunity to start the path of music with a view to belonging to a youth symphony orchestra.

To support our program you can contribute by donating an instrument, that shall help us enroll one more student in this program. 

- Vidhi G Bhanushali. 
Manager - Sponsorship & Grant 

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