Monday, December 7, 2015

Charity sees the need; Not the cause.

Chennai, a city that is in the grip of blistering heat almost throughout the year, has never let the bright sun or the heat ever stop its residents from leading a normal life.

image courtesy: Indian Air Force Relief Operation Tamil Nadu

The high spirited & culture loving Chennaites have accepted the heat as part of their life with open arms. Yet, when the first rain drop touches the heat ridden scorching earth, the smell of the soil makes everyone breathe a sigh of relief. 

With the onset of monsoon, the Chennaites, who are now in a celebratory mood enjoying a much deserved break from the heat; are yet unaware of the wrath mother nature is holding to unleash upon them. 

On the morning of 1st December 2015, the city began the day as any other normal day and the citizens resumed their daily routine. By afternoon half the city was submerged in water with the power supply and telephone lines out of function.

What seemed like just another routine day was slowly turning into a nightmare. Awaiting them were more 72 hours of rain showers and cloud bursts. 

The joy of welcoming the monsoon, had now undoubtedly turned into a disaster; and one of the worst floods the city had ever seen, over 500 people lost their lives with many more permanently injured.

Apart from the loss of human life, the impact of damage to property and loss of animals is unimaginable. The floods nearly left 1,80,000 citizens displaced and dislocated from their temporary settlements.

In the hour of need, the A R Rahman Foundation stood up to support the citizens and contributed Rs 25,00000/- towards the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

In case of a need, your contribution shall always matter. You can support our foundation and play your role to ensure the continuation of other disaster relief projects or support one of the many causes of the foundation.

Vidhi G Bhanushali
Manager - Sponsorship & Grant.

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