Friday, February 7, 2020

Roll Sound; Rolling and Action !!

A great escape from the hustle and bustle of  real life, cinema has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. Known to have a massive impact on people all over the world, it is a wholesome treat for the audience.

As a child I’ve always wondered, what is this special element that makes this visual treat so special that even after the experience comes to an end; there are always moments from the movie that stay with us? So much so that, these scenes eventually start having an effect on the mind.

Growing up I understood that it's the music that strikes a chord with the human brain and makes it a part of our memory. We barely remember the dialogues from a movie scene; but can often find ourselves humming our favorite songs and scores from a particular movie. It's the music that keeps a movie alive even after the 3 hour experience ends.

Famously known as the Mozart of Madras, Dr A R Rahman, has been an ace music composer with two Oscar awards amongst many more accolades and awards that he has won, over the course of his gratifying career.
A philanthropic musician that he is, ARR always wished that someday the students enrolled in his foundation will eventually be the change makers and future leaders in their respective fields of study. 

Half a decade after the inauguration of the Sunshine Orchestra, all of us at the foundation feel proud to share that a select group of students from our many batches of students; have started participating in recording background music for movies, as well as music for movie songs, for the films and songs of none other than Dr A R Rahman himself.

The Sunshine Orchestra Strings ensemble and the Brass ensemble have contributed to recording background music for various movies, & various online multimedia platforms. Some of their notable recordings are Chekka Chivantha Vaanam, Harmony - Amazon web series, Robo 2, Viceroy's house, Mohen Jo Daro, Mom, Sachin - a billion dreams, Hockey Anthem, Jaalam, Dil Bechaara amongst others.

To support the Sunshine orchestra, you can hire them to be a part of your film background scores. To explore more ways of supporting our foundation and its project, check our website our for more details.

- Vidhi G Bhanushali
Manager - Sponsorship & Grant.

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