Saturday, December 8, 2018

School: A building with Future within its Four walls.

In continuation of our efforts to restore life to normalcy in the Gaja cyclone hit areas of Tamil Nadu.. And to ensure continued access of education for underprivileged children, of these districts, The A R Rahman Foundation has partnered with the Bhoomika Trust for the restoration of select schools. For long term rehabilitation two schools are identified in Ezhilur Village, Thiruvarur District, TN. 

The aftermath of the cyclone; has left the Panchayat union Primary school with the roof, tiles, doors, and windows of one of the buildings completely damaged. The enrolled student count of the primary school is 124 with 5 teachers.

In the Government High School, the damage was equally severe and the doors, windows and gates were left in dire need of repairs and replacement. The roof and flooring in the classrooms and toilet complex was also left damaged. The enrolled student count of the high school is 128  and 7 teachers.

As a part of our ongoing effort, the repair work in both the schools is already in progress. The teams have undertaken to repair all the broken doors and windows, toilets - with new flooring, storage water tanks and running water connections. The buildings have also been given a fresh coat of paint.

A School is indeed a building with our future change makers within its walls. All of us at the foundation are thankful for having this opportunity to restore these school complexes as a priority and ensure that 252 children could resume their classes. We also thank Bhoomika Trust and their teams for coordinating and disbursing the funds for the restoration of these affected government schools.

To ensure that our foundation can continue supporting such noble causes that shall help transform the future of our country and the world; kindly take a moment to check out our website and explore your options to support us.
- Vidhi G Bhanushali.
Manager - Sponsorship & Grant.

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